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Variable torque impact spanner: comparative test!

Massive arrival in stock of the battery operated impact spanner! A new high performance model at a low price.

Check out our comparison with the previous model:

Unchanged advantages:

  • Maximum clamping power still at 539 Nm, one of the most powerful machines on the market,
  • 6 position torque setting, ideal for tightening your wheels

New advantages:

  • On the striking system: all metal high performance, high striking energy due to its large mass.
  • On the motor: Ultra compact high performance, high speed with high torque, special brushes interchangeable from the outside that increase the life by 40%, 3 to 4 brush changes before the end of the motor life.
  • On batteries: Switch from Ni/cd to Lithium-ion. Universal, works on all Li-ion tools, integrated safety circuit, LED discharge indicator with display by pressing the button, shock resistant polyethylene case, 1H charging time. Lithium Ion is the lightest metal that delivers the highest energy per unit weight (about twice as much as a Ni/Cd battery), no break-in cycles, one charge is enough, virtually no self-discharge, no memory effect, 30% lighter than a traditional battery. In addition, the set includes two batteries instead of one.


  • On chargers: Universal, suitable for all high-capacity Li-ion batteries, built-in automatic safety cut-off, shock-resistant polyethylene case, 1H fast charge, charging voltage AC100-240V- 50/60Hz, operating temperature -5°/+45°c.
  • Upgrade from 19.2V 2Ah to 18.0V 3Ah operation, for a much more powerful motor!

Li-ion battery impact spanner with torque control

  • Handy and ergonomic thanks to its bi-material body,
  • Square drive with 4 sides according to DIN 3120/ISO 1174,
  • Right/left reversing valve
  • Right/left hand switch,
  • Trigger with electronic speed control,
  • Industrial quality hammer,
  • Interchangeable brushes,[/LI
  • Interchangeable brushes,
  • Supplied with 2 lithium ion batteries and a charger in a robust plastic case,
  • Length 256.0 x width 80.0mm x height 273.0 mm,
  • Only 3.00 Kg,
  • 1/2 drive, speed from 0 to 1800 rpm, maximum torque 539 Nm, 6 position torque adjustment, 18V – 3.0 Ah battery.

The price of the old model in a single Ni-cd battery box: 329.90 euros including VAT

Our special arrival price for the new model in a 2 Li-ion battery box:

399.00 euros incl. VAT!

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