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Double for millmat!

Limonest was a decisive race for Anthony Cosson who signed his last victory of the season and won the title of French champion! Congratulations to this talented rider and all his team for this excellent 2011 season!

As for Nicolas Schatz, Limonest is his 12th victory in 13 races! Already crowned French champion in Chamrousse, the following races did not lack panache: "I am obviously very happy with this victory with a car that is not yet "in my hands", which is promising. The title is now in my pocket, I am happy for my team and for you partners because together we have succeeded. We are French Champion two races before the end of the Championship, it's a performance. THANK YOU.

The numerous changes are already announced for 2012 with Nicolas’s new car that we could see in Chamrousse, a Reynard Nippon single seater ex team Régal. For Anthony, a page is being turned, as a full season of rallying begins in 2012.

Congratulations and good off-season to our two champions!

Tony's final climb to Limonest:



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