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Siltec range at millmatpro!

Because your mechanics are not a toy, discover the new generation of high performance lubricants from Siltec (formerly named Lubysil). Why use Siltec lubricants? To reduce your fuel costs, to improve your engine's performance, to pass your pollution control without difficulty, to optimize the functioning of your mechanics.


Concentrated lubricant: Compatible with all types of engine oils (except graphite), 2 and 4 stroke, petrol, diesel, turbo, gas, LPG, catalytic converters. 100ml bottle (for 5 to 10L of engine oil).


  • The flash point of the oils is between 200°c and 260°c for the best performing oils. Siltec M-600 (Lubysil SC100) is 650°c. Motor oils have a tear strength of between 2 and 5 kg per mm². Siltec M600 is 160 Kg.
  • Formation of a long-lasting, unalterable protective film on all parts working in friction. Wear and tear and vibrations are considerably reduced.
  • Protection against corrosive elements contained in conventional oils.
  • Considerable reductions in engine temperature rise at high speeds (motorway use).
  • Improved cold starts at low temperatures. Increased performance.
  • Reduced oil and fuel consumption.
  • Significant reduction in pollution.



Concentrated lubricant: Significantly improves the operation of diesel vehicles. Eliminates the risk of seizure, recommended for injection pumps, HDI, Common rail, … 100 ml bottle (for 100L of diesel)


  • Reduced wear on injection pumps, injector needles, upper cylinders, rings and valve guides.
  • Reduces friction, releases energy, improves performance.
  • Saves fuel.
  • Better starting, especially in cold weather.
  • Removes and prevents carbon deposits, eliminates ring sticking.
  • Protects against seizure due to condensation.




Concentrated lubricant: Significantly improves the performance of 4 and 2-stroke petrol vehicles (cars, motorbikes, karts, quads, jets, etc.). 100 ml bottle (for 50 to 100L of petrol)


  • 4-stroke: protects valves and piston rings, reduces scaling. Increases octane level, eliminates knocking. Increases torque and engine power.
  • 2-stroke: Better efficiency. Increases compression. Reduces fuel consumption. Flexibility and longevity of engines. Eliminates spark plug beading. Better acceleration, improved top speeds. Reduced pollution.




Concentrated lubricant : to be used as a mixture in super and unleaded petrol (95, 98) for cars, motorbikes and boats. All 2 and 4 stroke engines. Bottle of 100 ml (for 50 to 100L of petrol). Prepared for the transition from super to unleaded



  • Cleans, lubricates and protects petrol injection systems. Increases engine torque and efficiency. Reduces carbon build-up and fuel consumption
  • Reduces wear and corrosion.
  • Keeps intake valves clean.
  • Improves acceleration and increases top speeds.
  • Increases compression, extends engine life, boosts octane.
  • Reduces combustion chamber fouling.
  • Significantly reduces pollution and smoke emissions.




Concentrated lubricant for Dextron and ATF oils: This new lubricant reduces friction and temperature to recover absorbed energy. This exceptional preparation brings in the reduction of friction forces with outstanding results. For cars, trucks, buses on automatic gearboxes, sequential, power steering. Bottle of 100 ml (for 5L of oil)

Advantages: Eliminates overheating, overspeed and seizure of all mechanical parts using Dextron and ATF oils by cooling moving parts subject to high loads and/or extreme pressures.

Range available on from 19.00 € ttc per 100 ml bottle.

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