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Nicolas schatz:

Nicolas Schatz dominated the practice session of the Hébécrevon race, distancing the Reynard F3000 of his number 1 rival Sébastien Petit by more than 2 seconds. Despite the cold wind that swept across the course, the French champion has already approached his 2011 record with a Lola F3000 in his Norma.

[During the first race I started off on the attack and took off very well, but I made a few small mistakes in the first few corners... However, I finished the race well and took the lead with a time of 56''56. For the second run, my objective is not to make the same mistakes. I set off in a concentrated manner, taking care at the bottom of the course to exploit the car's potential without "doing too much". It's done, at halfway, I attack the fast curves at full speed and take a lot of pleasure to drive the new NORMA. At the finish, the stopwatch confirms my feeling: 55''4 new track record!

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