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The best in abreschviller

Nicolas Schatz wins again in the mountain championship in the A series on the short course of Abreschviller, a victory that Nicolas went a long way to achieve, after the stress, the 30 Kg ballast and the new chicane of the course. Here are his impressions:Tests: We did a lot of mechanical work because I was having problems with my brakes. Indeed, I had to deal with a spongy pedal, which does not necessarily give confidence ... Despite this, I tried to apply myself and I finished these tests in front of Sébastien PETIT and Alban THOMAS.

Race: It rained a lot on Saturday night and in the morning, despite the sun, the track is still wet in some places in the undergrowth. As the asphalt was going to dry during the day, I decided to put on my old tyres. I set off at a good pace, while remaining cautious in the tricky sections. However, shortly after the start, I am handicapped by a few engine failures. I still take the lead of the race in front of Sébastien PETIT and Alban THOMAS. After adjusting my PowerShift settings (the cause of my engine failure) I go to the start line with new tyres. I know that this round is important, I take a great start, the track had a very good grip. The car behaves well and I manage to delay my braking. I set a great time and increased my lead over the competition. The last race will not change anything in the ranking because only Alban THOMAS improves by a few tenths.

Conclusion: I am happy with this victory because it was not easy. I really have to thank all my team who did a colossal work during all the week in the workshop and all the weekend to provide me with the best possible car.

As for Anthony Cosson, he took his revenge after a downgrading at the Col St Pierre. Untouchable during the whole race, with the best time on each climb, clearly ahead of his competitors, he wins the scratch race in the B series. His impressions : My team and I were looking forward to this race in Abreschviller, motivated as ever we arrived in Lorraine with only one objective, the victory!

The tests took place under a beautiful sun, and the pace was already set during the first timed test, 6 tenths ahead of Werver. In the meantime we worked on the suspensions which were too hard for my taste, the verdict at the end of the test was 8 tenths ahead of Werver and 2.1s ahead of Bourgeon.

On Sunday morning, the first climb was tricky as the road remained wet after last night's storm, but I concentrated on setting the best time.For the second climb, the conditions being optimal for the cars, I decide to attack very hard to take my revenge of the Col st pierre and the time stops on 1'00''803, the gap between my opponents is then more than one second on Werver and 2s on Bourgeon.

As for the previous races, the third round will not change the ranking.

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