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Electronic dynamo key

Electronic torque spanner with reversing device

Description and Benefits:

  • High measuring accuracy ±1 % and delivered with certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • Polished ratchet head with very robust mechanism for controlled right and left-hand tightening and socket ejection system
  • Display mode: Track and Peak[/LI
  • CE certified
  • Save function for 50 values
  • Large, illuminated LCD display
  • Display in Nm
  • Display in Nm, lbf.ft,, kg.m,
  • Auto power off
  • 36-tooth ratchet head with reversing device
  • Ergonomic bi-parting handle
  • Ergonomic two-component handle
  • High accuracy due to the use of a strain gauge for measurement
  • Triple signal indicates that the test is complete
  • Triple signal indicates that the desired torque has been reached

In the case of the electronic torque spanner (digital display), the torque is measured by means of a strain gauge (DMS) integrated in the spanner. The usual measuring signal is amplified by a measuring amplifier in the selected measuring unit (Nm, lbf-ft, lb-in, kg-m, kg-cm) to achieve an accuracy of the displayed value of ±1%.Torque limits can be programmed into the spanner and can be displayed on the screen with an acoustic signal during the tightening process. Our electronic torque spanners are distinguished by their high accuracy and ease of use.

The achievement of the set torque is indicated by an acoustic "buzzer" signal, vibration of the handle and a two-tone LED. It is not necessary to reset the torque value to zero when the key is not in use, as the electronics do not generate trigger spring fatigue.

Ergonomic dual-material handle guarantees a good grip.

Available models:

  • square 3/8: 27-135 Nm
  • square 1/2: 40-200 Nm and 68-340 Nm
  • square 1/2 with degree of angle function 40-200 Nm up to 999 degrees

On from 311.87euros ttc.

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