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Glass grinding by mirka

Discover Mirka's glass sanding range, with complete sanding kits. A Mirka innovation, this concept focuses on renovating glass, not replacing it, with a range of products designed for this purpose. The only condition is that the methodology developed by Mirka is followed for the best results.

A time-saving method, avoiding the need to replace tarnished or scratched lenses. An economical method, as the cost of renovation is much lower than replacing the glass. An environmentally friendly method that extends the life of glass surfaces and reduces the ecological footprint of glass.

Mirka's glass sanding solutions cover different types of glass.

Float glass is a flat glass produced by floating. It is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal. This method produces a sheet of uniform thickness that is extremely flat. Modern windows are usually made of float glass, and most float glass is soda-lime.Annealed glass is the basic flat glass resulting from the annealing of float glass.Tempered glass is heat treated to break much less easily than simply annealed glass. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass used in many particularly demanding applications: passenger car windows, shower walls, architectural glass doors and tables, bullet-proof glass, structural applications, barriers, roofs and glass facades.

In Glass Sanding Kits:

Abranet discs: Abranet® SIC NS is a versatile, stearate-free, ultra-fine mesh abrasive designed primarily for glass sanding but also suitable for sanding other hard surfaces such as primers, varnishes and composites. Combines high performance with a longer life than traditional abrasives, making it particularly cost effective. Its resin bonding forms an even layer of silicon carbide grains with a closed powder coat.

Abralon Discs: Abralon® is a unique, multi-functional abrasive developed to tackle both flat and contoured surfaces. Its patented flexible structure enables it to achieve even sandingsurfaces and angular edges while reducing the risk of marks due to excessive pressure. The flexible construction allows water and air to circulate freely, making it suitable for dry and wet sanding, both mechanical and manual.

Polarshine E3 1L: Silicone-free water-based polishing paste designed for polishing scratches on glass surfaces. Suitable for most types of glass and removes marks permanently. Polarshine E3 is used with a Mirka felt pad and rotary polisher.

The Polishing Pad: A firm, flat, 6mm thick white felt pad designed for polishing glass. Its thick texture provides good balance and a stable feel during the polishing process. To complete the glass sanding process, the pad is used with Polarshine E3 polishing paste.

The polishing cloth: Yellow cloth made of soft microfibres with a fine structure. Absorbs excess product well. Washable.

Find three special glass sanding kits:

The 77 mm glass sanding kit for 289.00 euros (VAT included)

The 125 mm glass sanding kit at 466.00 euros (VAT included)

The Mirka 125 mm glass sanding kit for 699.00 euros (VAT included)


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