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The ingersoll angle impact spanner: a revolution!

Ingersoll Rand innovates again and surprises us again, with this new battery powered impact spanner! Don't think about it, you need it, it will change your life! Save time, be less tired, work effortlessly, even in inaccessible spaces, it's now possible!


The video testimonials are unanimous, and we're convinced, we'll show you!

If you don’t work in a smooth, flat environment, then Ingersoll has designed a tool for you that has the finesse and access capability of a ratchet contained in a powerful impact spanner.



A unique tool, which passes all the tests, difficult jobs with ease and speed! It is not a pneumatic tool, it is a battery powered angle impact spanner !

This is simply the only battery powered impact spanner that can reach such tight places!

With a head that is only 5.6 cm thick, its length is ideal for effortless access everywhere, as if the spanner became an extension of your hand!

Tightening and loosening has never been easier, anywhere, with no additional tools, with just one hand.

And a multitude of applications will suit the angular impact spanner, in the field of car mechanics or industry, on parts such as transmissions, wheels, brakes, suspensions… For a power equal to the pneumatic ratchet spanners, but on an ultra light and handy tool!

Angle impact spanner comes in a box with a battery and charger.

The charger has a progressive charge indicator and an audible signal when the battery is charged. The sturdy case has a removable lid, allowing you to convert your case into a service module. The 20V Lithium-ion battery is an IQ model, an innovation from Ingersoll Rand, with a long service life and constant power. The battery also has a progressive charge indicator

The cordless angle spanner is available in 3/8 under the reference W5330 or in 1/2 under reference W5350.



Its power is 180 ft-lbs or 244 Nm. Its speed is 1900 rpm, and has a capacity of 3000 impacts per minute, the speed adjustment is done directly on the ultra sensitive and intuitive trigger.

The unique and exceptional price for these two new products, the battery operated impact spanner in 3/8 or 1/2 is 499.00 € TTC instead of 660 €

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