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Ring stop box: 149.00 € vat included!

Take advantage of a great offer this autumn 2014, with the Ring stop combination spanner set from KS Tools at the exceptional price of €149.00 incl. VAT!

Equipped with Reversible Technology and manufactured in chrome Vanadium, in a matt chrome finish, the GEARplus Ring Stop ratchet spanner complies with DIN and ISO standards. The GEARplus Ring Stop ratchet has a 72-tooth ratchet with a 5° return angle. The fork and ratchet are angled at 15°, making the Ring Stop ratchet spanner more ergonomic. A small hook allows you to change the direction of the ratchet with a simple gesture.

Thanks to the Ring Stop system, the ratchet spanner sits naturally on the nut without going through it. This stop system makes it easier to tighten a nut on a threaded rod.

Find on the complete Ring stop box set at a great price until September 30, 2014!

In this set are the combination spanners in sizes 8 to 19 mm, but also the GEARplus adapters with special RING STOP lock that allow you to convert your combination spanner from ratchet to ratchet. They are made of chrome vanadium and equipped with a socket ejection system.


In addition, the Ring Stop range is completed by a set of through sockets in this very complete set. Available in diameters from 8 to 19 mm, these sockets allow you to transform the Ring Stop ratchet spanner into a real through ratchet. Ideal for quick screwing onto a threaded rod. These sockets only fit GEARplus Ring Stop ratchet combination spanners.

The entire Ring Stop range can be found in the GEARplus Ring Stop ratcheting combination spanner and through sockets + adapters set on Top price on the Ring stop set at €149.00 incl. VAT until 30 September 2014!

Better understand the Ring Stop technology with the video:


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