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At the moment, 3 models of cordless hand lamps stand out from the crowd, in particular the new hand lamp reference KS 1504355, a new generation of LEDs, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio! The opportunity, for the blow, to make you a small comparison with our best sales of hand lamp is obvious, so you will make your choice!

3 models then, starting with the best selling to date, and the least expensive of the range, the KS 1504305, then the overpowering LED max technology KS 1504310 and finally the new model in this fall 2014 reference KS 1504355:




A 21 LED white hand lamp with a 5 LED light on top, ideal for emergency use, with many ergonomic advantages such as two plastic hooks, 3 strong magnets on the foot and back of the hand lamp and the 180° tilting body


This hand lamp is powered by a 3.7 V 1.2 Ah Li-ion battery and comes with a small charger. The light charges quickly (2 hours) and the battery life is more than respectable with 2 hours of maximum light and a decrease in light intensity afterwards




In short, a really nice entry-level light that has proven to be our best-selling handheld to date


It is offered on at the special price of 48.99 € TTC





The big plus of this model is its high brightness, with 420 lumens in a single LED! The Citizen Power LED max 6W LED technology is the brightest on the market, making this model the most powerful of the three. The LED max has a plastic hook and a strong magnet under the base. The body of the LED max tilts 180°.



The battery is a Li-polymer 3.6V 3.6 Ah, with a 220V charger base for easy storage. A cigarette lighter charger completes the package. Count on a 4 hour charge for a full power autonomy of 3 hours non-stop


Find the LED Max on at the special price of 89.95 € TTC, the most powerful, but also the most expensive of the three models presented.


THE NEW KS 150.4355:



Our clear favourite, and we'll see why. A new generation 9 LED SMD hand lamp, with powerful and thinner LEDs, which makes it possible to have a thinner hand lamp, a big advantage when working in narrow places. Also, these LEDs provide a better beam angle, so its 140 lumens provide a great brightness, almost as intense as the LED max! It also has a 1W LED lamp at the end




The light has a metal hook, which is stronger, and 3 strong magnets on the base and back of the light. A magnet is also added to the back of the charger cradle for easy storage! The head of the light can be tilted up to 120°




After charging the 3.7 V battery on the magnetic base for 5-6 hours, the hand lamp has more than 4 hours of autonomy with full lighting power. It can also be charged on the included cigarette lighter charger




Ultra thin, and with the charger to be magnetized or fixed, it accumulates the advantages, making even the LED max shadow with its accessories and its powerful luminosity


But the most beautiful surprise is its price, because it is offered on at the new price of 54.95 € TTC An unbeatable quality / price ratio!


Some complete comparative pictures of our presentation:



The 1504305 and 1504355 hand lamps have a lamp




The different hooks on the hand lamps from top to bottom, the LEDmax 1504310, the new 1504355, and the cheaper 1504305.



The brightness test which shows a clear difference between the models from top to bottom, the cheaper 1504305, the new 1504355 powerful white light and finally the LED max 1504310 overpowering and warm light.