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Prevent the risks of the trade

If you work in the car maintenance and repair industry, you know that one of the main causes of accidents at work is back pain and lumbago.

Directive 90/269 of the European Community defines manual handling of loads as « any operation involving the transport or support of a load, by one or more workers, including lifting, placing, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load which, because of its characteristics or unfavourable ergonomic conditions, involves risks, in particular of a back injury, for the workers. »

Prevention linked to handling corresponds to the need to avoid accidents or health problems, but also to enable the very many employees with low back pain to remain at work. The Labour Code specifies that the employer must, after assessing the risk, take any organisational or equipment measure (mechanical assistance). The aim is to limit physical effort and make these operations safer.

As many surveys on the subject show every year, it appears that pain and lumbago account for more than 15% of accidents at work in the maintenance, car repair and bodywork sector:

The main causes of back pain are related to the handling of heavy objects, especially when removing wheels on a lift.

Today KS Tools offers an effective solution that will enable you to protect all personnel from risk and to organise workstations in such a way as to avoid risks, particularly of back pain: offered exclusively by KS Tools, the wheel lift for LV wheels will simplify the daily gestures of removing and refitting wheels, and will avoid the operator having to carry increasingly heavy wheels (4×4…)

The wheel lift is quick and easy to use thanks to the easy positioning of the wheels thanks to the 4 balls on the lower forks. It is equipped with two wheels for safe movement in your workshop.

Technical characteristics of the wheel lifter:

  • Height: 2.10 m
  • LI]Maximum lifting height: 1.20 m
  • Length of mobile forks: 1.20 m[/LI
  • Length movable forks : 270 mm
  • LI]Length fixed forks : 500 mm
  • Max capacity : 80 KgLI]Max capacity: 80 Kg
  • Max.
  • Max wheel outer diameter: 840 mm

Very quickly indispensable in the workshop, less fatigue for the staff, avoids the serious consequences of back pain, « the disease of the century », decreases the costs thanks to the reduction of work stoppages…

Currently on special offer on at a price of 710.00 ttc or 593.70 HT.

Millmatpro also proposes a price by 4 for 2700 € ttc or 675 € ttc the unit or 564.50 € HT (unit price by 4).

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