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Silicone-free nitrile scaled gloves for mechanics presents a new range of high quality nitrile "fish scale" gloves: the Grippaz from Connect. This is a range of professional quality work gloves for car mechanics, industry etc…

These brand new work gloves offer an instant and effective grip for tools, greasy parts, small utensils. They are highly anti-slip and extremely comfortable


normal but breathable nitrile mechanics gloves

These gloves can be worn all day

Latex free, no added filler therefore prevents sweating

unparalleled grip when handling grease

Instant and effective grip for gripping tools


These mechanics gloves of English origin have a technology that uses a specially formulated nitrile compound. This gives unrivaled grip when handling greases, oils, detergents, solvents, etc.

“Fish Scale Grip Technology” 100% Silicone Free, 100% Nitrile, Latex Free, No Added Filler therefore prevents sweating. This allows a better grip and better comfort even during prolonged wear.
Chemical resistant, can be washed or cleaned and reused. Simply clean them with cleaning solvent and their chemical resistance ensures that they will last over time.
Made with 'Touchscreen Technology' devices such as I-phones, tablets, diagnostic equipment, etc. can be used without having to remove gloves.
The gloves are 3 times thicker than normal nitrile mechanics gloves but still breathable. High tear resistance.
Second-skin feeling that hugs your hands completely.
Manufactured with an oversized cuff to allow easy removal of the glove when in use. These gloves can be worn all day unlike other mechanics gloves.
This glove is patented. Orange so it won't get misplaced and chipped on both palm and back for added grip.
Thicker than conventional gloves, it will be more shock and oil resistant. It nevertheless retains the feeling of touch and will work with touch screens.
Manufactured from 100% Nitrile – it provides excellent resistance to chemicals.
Does not contain Silicone or Latex, it is recommended for operations related to painting in body shops.

These mechanics gloves are available now from your supplier at 3.99 euros including tax. Workshop consumables in practical bags of 5 pairs.



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