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A professional plastic repair!

Today offers you a plastic repair kit that will change your life!No more unattractive and unreliable nylon clamps, no more plastic welds that break very quickly. The new tool that will save you the use of glue or even the purchase of damaged plastic parts, here it is!Ideal for repairing your optics, bumpers and all other plastic parts, and all types of plastic, the new plastic repair kit from Power Tec brings you a fast, solid and safe method of repair

.With a technique of implanting a staple into the heated plastic, your weld is simply reinforced and the repair is durable.

  • Electronically controlled high temperature heated plastic
  • Unit supplied in a box with 300 staples and adapters
  • .
  • Find the set on at 285.78 € TTC

The video speaks for itself

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