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Adjustment and verification of trains


Parallelism measurement device:

The Trakrite Laser System allows quick and easy diagnosis of front wheel alignment (toe-in angle) on vehicles with ground clearance as low as 100mm, on 22" diameter wheels, in degrees° and minutes', with an accuracy of 0°01' (0.0166 decimal degrees) 0.60' (minutes) = 1° (degree).

Rotary turntables for gear adjustment:

These ball bearing turntables allow an ultra-precise adjustment, on the ground or on a lift, of the parallelism, the caster and the camber of your car, modern/antique/competition (sold by pair)- Rotation: +/- 45- Capacity 1360kg per tray

Measurement device with King Pin gauge:

Caster (-3 / +11°) and camber (-5 / +5°) measurement sold in a box with King Pin gauge (for the pivot axis) from 0° to 14° from left to right, for use with rotary tables.

Cast and camber measuring device:

Equipped with a magnetic base that can be positioned on the hub, the brake disc or directly on the rim of your car.A spirit level adjustable with a knob and graduated from -3° to +3°, allows the verification and adjustment of the caster and camber angle of your car.


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