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Ks tools complete toolkit for 555 euros eco line

The big news for 2018 is that after the huge success of the Eco line from Ks tools with the unbeatable price-performance ratio of the 917.0779 socket set, the Momenheim-based brand has decided to make a big splash in the premium workshop tool market

So how does this Eco line workshop trolley compare to the standard model in the Ks tools range, the Ks tools Racing, One by one and Ultimate trolleys?

The analysis of this workshop trolley will be done in 2 points, the container to start with the Eco line 6 drawer workshop trolleys, and then on the content, the composition of 340 Ks tools Eco line tooling parts.

Ks tools Eco line tool chest:

This is a 6 drawer model with a black and red paint finish on the handles, the internal dimensions of the drawers are standard to other Ks tools models 560 x 395 mm, which is very well thought out for a possible evolution of the tooling with the purchase of additional Ks tools modules, for example a circlip pliers or an impact spanner module.

4 drawers are 70mm high and the bottom 2 are 150mm high, so handy for storing a drill or grinder box...

Not much difference with a Dakar Racing model would you say? Well, the Eco line has made a few sacrifices in order to be economical, starting with the drawers' resistance, which is 20 kg as opposed to 35 kg for a Ks tools Racing trolley.

The body sheets of the trolley have also been refined, as have the harder plastic wheels, this trolley is clearly suitable for a perfectly smooth floor.

The external dimensions have also been reduced to 92 cm high, compared to 100 cm for a Racing trolley, which is an advantage because the trolley can be easily slid under certain workbenches, but a disadvantage because the working area is less high and therefore less comfortable to use.

Conclusion on the Ks tools 6 drawer Eco line trolley, its big advantage is its interior dimensions of drawers, on the other hand clearly we are on a smaller and less resistant trolley, which will admit less load by drawers and more than disadvised for any outside use. Model available empty for less than 300€, free delivery, but think about it because for about thirty euros more you can get a Racing trolley with much more resistant drawer slides.

Ks tools Eco line 340 piece tool kit:

The 340 piece Eco line composition is divided into 3 drawers in foam module, which is extremely rare for economic trolleys where most of the time, other tool brands rely on plastic modules, a sockets drawer, a spanner, screwdriver and hammer drawer and a pliers and cutting drawer.

Once you've counted the number of cutter blades, nylon collars and lugs, you're looking at a tool chest with 216 tools and bits, so don't hold this arrangement of numbers against them, which all tool manufacturers use to artificially inflate the number of parts in tool chests, admittedly a very limited method. But the composition does not leave one wanting either.

  • Socket drawer:

To begin with, in the socket drawer 1, we find the famous chrome plus range that made Ks tools famous at the beginning, a finish that we know very well and that has never disappointed. Of course the Ultimate finish that appeared in 2015 has given a little bit of an old look to the chrome plus, but the reliability of the sockets will be there. As for the ratchets, the same is true of the 1/2 and 1/4, 45 tooth models of the time, a little less practical than a 72 tooth ratchet, but a very reliable ratchet all in all.

« the reliability of the sockets will be there »

1/4 socket from 4 to 14 mm with long socket from 6 to 13 mm, 1/2 sockets go from 10 to 32 mm, the essentials are there, with a set of Allen keys and all the bits for automotive use

  • Wrench drawer, hammer screwdriver:

Ks tools catalogue products include the 911 series screwdrivers, the mallet and the rivet hammer and the 3 to 8 mm pin drivers.

On the other hand for combination spanners, the series 577 renamed 517 for the occasion takes place in the tooling compo, reliable and very well known combination spanners from Ks tools, the series includes 6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,22 mm spanners, we regret the absence of 7 and 21 mm spanners.

  • Saw drawer and clamps:

Same choice for this drawer, the pliers are from the 115 series, good quality and good grip, there is an assortment of mini screwdrivers which can always be useful.

 good quality and good handling »

Conclusion on the composition 810.0340, well it's a nice surprise, Ks tools has taken either in its old refs which worked already very well 10 years ago, and the compo which fits in 3 drawers is well studied for a multi-trade use, automotive, industrial maintenance and private. For 330.16 € ttc this composition will fit as well in an Eco line servo, as in all Ks tools workshop servos such as the One by one, Racing and Ultimate.

The icing on the cake is that the complete pack of Ks tools Eco line servo + Ks tools Eco line composition is available at a very competitive price of 555 € ttc. This tool set is suitable for a particular use or as a spare tool set for a professional, e.g. a tool set for the apprentice

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