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A weekend of victories for millmat!

First victory for Nicolas Schatz for this 2010 season! Here are his impressions:

We know that the first morning round here is always very good. For this reason Lionel REGAL decides to put on his good tyres while Sébastien PETIT and myself decide to keep the previous day's tyres (this season to reduce budgets the Federation limits us to seven sets of new tyres per year which forces us to "save" and put on the right tyres at the right time). Lionel REGAL did the best time (in 2m25,399s) but I am only 5 tenths off and I have a 2.8 seconds lead over Sébastien PETIT.For the second heat everyone started on second hand tyres (as it was quite hot this heat was not as good) and I set the best time (2m27,691s) with a two second lead over Lionel REGAL and almost five seconds over SébastienPETIT but this is not enough to beat Lionel REGAL's time in the first heat.For the last race the tension is palpable, I put on the right tyres, the weather is optimal: it's cool and the asphalt is hot. I start to attack while trying not to overheat the tyres. At the end of a great climb I win the race in 2m24.594s, better still I improve the track record by 4 tenths, the last record held since 2004 by Mr Bernard CHAMBEROD, five-time French mountain champion.

Obviously I am very happy with this victory, it is the most beautiful of all because we got it in the right way. I had a car that behaved the way I wanted it to, I had a lot of fun at the wheel. It's a great reward for my team, my partners and the people who support me. P]

The first victories also for the M-technology team in this 2010 season where the challenges are multiplying: this year the team is fighting in Rallycross for the national title but also for the European title!

Interview on David Meslier (Clio RS III) will definitely have nightmares with this red and white Xsara. Last year, he only saw the rear wing of the car when Marc Laboulle was driving it. Now Davy Jeanney has taken the wheel... and the result is the same.

For his first experience of racing at the wheel of the reigning French champion car, the young man from Châtellerault (24 years old!) won like a champ, leaving nothing but crumbs for his opponents.Strong times in the qualifying heats were synonymous with pole position for the A final. Davy took the lead in the final and never relinquished it until the chequered flag. For MTechnologies, the success was even complete since it was Philippe Tollemer, in a C4 WRC entirely built in Clermont-Ferrand, who finished second ahead of Samuel Peu (Peugeot 207 WRC). David Meslier, who suffered a transmission problem, was fourth one lap down. Theuil would also have to retire for the same reason