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Quick-reading dynamo key

Clé dynamométrique à lecture rapide

Description and Benefits:

  • High release accuracy: accuracy ±4 % and delivered with certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • Display with graduated watch and driven pointer
  • Large reading window with scale in Nm and lbf.ft
  • With integrated square drive
  • For controlled tightening with a handpiece[/LI
  • For controlled left, right and measuring clamping

Dual scale: Dual scale in N-m and In-lb for clear and precise setting. The display has a fixed pointer and a pointer that is driven during tightening

Adjustment: The adjustment is done via an opening integrated in the key and does not require any disassembly.

Perfect operation: The use of the torsion principle allows the spanner to be held anywhere, even with two hands or an extension cord. The direct measurement integrated in the spanner head prevents deviation from the set value.

Available models:

  • 1/4 square: 0.7-3.5 Nm and 1.8-9 Nm
  • 3/8 square: 3.6-18 Nm, 6-30 Nm and 14-70 Nm
  • 1/2 square: 50-250 NM and 70-350 Nm
  • 3/4 square: 96-480 Nm and 160-800 Nm
  • square 1″: 280-1400 Nm and 560-2800 Nm

Sur à partir de 283.13 euros ttc

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