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Quick-set dynamo spanner

Quick Setting Torque Wrench

Easy to use: 1. unscrew the adjustment knob / 2. slide the scale to the desired value / 3. tighten the adjustment knob firmly

.Description and advantages:

  • High triggering accuracy: accuracy ±3% and delivered with certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • Zero setting for storage is not necessary.
  • Individual identification by means of a unique serial number and certificate
  • Double scale in Nm and lbf-ft for clear and precise setting
  • Robust ratchet head with 72-tooth mechanism
  • Ergonomically designed two-component handle
  • Reversing ratchet head
  • Precise adjustment over time
  • Quick and easy torque adjustment by moving the scale knob
  • Sensitive trigger
  • Sensory and audible triggering when torque is reached

Available torque spanner models with quick adjustment: square 1/2 10-60 Nm, square 1/2 20-100 Nm, square 1/2 40-200 Nm, square 1/2 60-350 Nm, square 3/4 160-800 Nm, square 3/4 200-1000 Nm. On from 187,00 euros ttc, new promo price

Also available in socket model from 217.99 euros incl. VAT:

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