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0 gravity from beta: the lightest safety shoes!


Beta's safety footwear range gets a makeover with the 0-Gravity shoes!

Technical data on the 0-gravity range:

  • Highly breathable mesh fabric with TPU inserts
  • Heel stability support
  • Elasticized collar for easy fit
  • EVA midsole
  • High strength nitrile rubber outsole
  • 200 joule polymeric toe cap Anti-puncture
  • Composite fibre with ceramic treatments
  • EVA FOAM insole with cushioning in the heel area
  • Sizes 38 to 48
  • S1P or S3 protection[/LILI]S1P or S3 protection depending on the model
  • Weight only 450 g[/LI
  • Weight only 450 g

Our best prices on the 0-Gravity safety shoe range from Beta:

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