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New features that make your life easier!

There is no shortage of new products to make your life easier in the workshop! Here are the additions of the last 10 days, products that will bring you more comfort and ergonomics on a daily basis


The LAS 6043 under-hood service:

Tired of dropping your tools in the engine compartment? Do you need to put the part you are assembling or that has just been dismantled near you?This under-bonnet trolley is a real comfort to work with!

The trolley on wheels has a maximum load capacity of 34 kg and is height adjustable (91 to 121 cm) to suit any situation and can be positioned towards the front or side of the bonnet. There are several small storage compartments to organise your workstation


The under-cover desk is available at for €149.04 including VAT


The LAS 6046 folding bunk:

Very practical, this new work bed is ultra compact and ergonomic! Folded up, it is easy to transport, thanks to its handle, it can be used as an extra cushion or as a workshop bed

The workbench is padded and measures 355 x 435 x 140 mm when folded. When unfolded, you have a 1200 x 435 x 35 mm bunk.

The convertible workshop bunk is available on at 45.36 € TTC


The LAS 6082 foam worktop:

Ideal for transporting your parts and tools, the foam tray is very light and practical with its two handles. It measures 320 x 480 x 30 mm and can easily be stored in a drawer of a cabinet for example.

The workshop foam tray is available on at 21.60 € TTC


The LAS 6066 laser thermometer:

Digital infrared laser thermometer, its applications are numerous: engine parts, electrical connection, electric motor, tarmac, fuses, transformers, air conditioning, brake pad and disc…

The temperature range of the laser thermometer is -50 < 550 degrees Centigrade (-58 < 1022 degrees Fahrenheit). The device turns off automatically at 7 seconds, 9V batteries are included.

The laser thermometer is available on at 49.68 € TTC


The CLAS OM7018 cardan socket set:

This new set of cardan impact sockets made of chrome molybdenum steel allows better accessibility in hard to reach places

Composition of the cardan socket set: Cardan sockets 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-22-24 mm, and extension 125 mm, drive 1/2″.The sockets are 70 mm long, with 1/2&Prime drive and a maximum angle of 30°. The sockets comply with ISO 1174 and DIN 3121

The impact socket set is available on at 118.80 € TTC


The 120 Nm calibrated torque spanner CLAS OM0765:


Essential for tightening wheels, thanks to its pre-set torque, the 120 Nm pre-calibrated torque spanner allows the operator to save time. The spanner has a length of 247mm and a 105° bend for quick tightening of studs. The wrench signals with an audible click that the set torque has been reached.The torque spanner is supplied with a calibration certificate and has a release accuracy of ± 4%, weighs 825g and complies with DIN ISO 6789.

The 120 Nm torque spanner is available at for €70.80 including VAT


The CLAS OM0255 sheathed tyre changer:


The sheathed tyre changer is ideal for the damage-free removal of tyres and rims. The removable plastic holder (6mm thick) is held by 4 screws on the steel part. This plastic coating on the back side is scratch resistant!


The sheathed tyre changer is available on at 22.80 € TTC.

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