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Team schatz at the top !

Let's take a look back at a 2012 season well underway for Nicolas Schatz and his team. Indeed, five races have been contested, and the provisional ranking in the French Mountain Championship gives him the lead!

It all started in Bagnols Sabran, with a perfect race, right at the beginning of the season: « Ideal start to the season, very satisfactory. This car is performing well but it is very difficult to drive and to set up. Winning the first race is a great achievement, it's the reward for the long work done during the off-season. I would like to thank all the people who helped me, my team, and all my partners without whom all this would not have been possible. »

The performance is repeated at the Col Saint Pierre, with a second beautiful victory: « The whole team did a good job, I could concentrate on my driving during the race heats and I had a lot of fun. This race is one of the most demanding of the year, to win here is very satisfying. »


Winning all the heats in Abreschviller, Nico is still winning, with Sébastien Petit and Alban Thomas always on his tail! But it was in Hébecrevon that he made a mistake: "Very motivated on the start line of the last round, I went on the attack. I take a great flight and approach the first braking at full speed. This braking on the slope and in support is quite delicate. By delaying it as much as possible, my car took the weight off the rear axle and I went into oversteer: I touched the safety rail on the inside of the corner with my left front wheel. The slight impact was enough to bend my steering slightly, for safety's sake I finished my heat in slow motion... As for Sébastien PETIT, he improved his time and passed me for 0'19, so I finished second ahead of Alban THOMAS. »

Everything was there to win, and he will prove it in La Pommeraye just this weekend! A dream weekend! After my little mistake in Hébecrevon, I wanted to get back to the top. It's done with a big domination during all the meeting and a car with an irreproachable behaviour. I owe this victory to my partners, my team and my entourage, who allowed me to drive in the best possible conditions. »

A season at the TOP, for a team that is no less so! We'll talk about it very soon

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