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Laser 5549: opel engine timing

Engine timing update from Laser tools: Opel and Fiat 1.6 1.8 16V Z engine timing kit

This kit has been developed to change the timing belt on the latest Z and A coded belt driven petrol engines.These engines are also found on Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles as listed below.


  • Alfa Romeo 159
  • Chevrolet Aveo, Cruze, Orlando
  • Fiat Croma
  • Vauxhall/Opel Corsa, Astra-G, Astra-H, Meriva-A, Zafira-B, Vectra-C, Signum, Insignia

Composition of the General Motors wedge kit:

  • OEM Opel KM-6628-A Fiat 2 000 012 000 Camshaft lock bar used to lock camshafts independently of timing pulleys on engines with variable valve timing.
  • OEM Opel KM-6340 Fiat 2 000 012 100 Camshaft pulley lock tool, this 2 piece tool is used to mount and lock the camshaft pulleys in place.
  • OEM Opel KM-6333 Tensioner locking pin used to lock the timing belt tensioner in the retracted position
  • OEM Opel KM-6625 Fiat 2,000 012 800 Flywheel sprocket holding tool Engine flywheel lock designed to slide between the surface of the engine block and oil pan and locks into the flywheel ring gear, locking the crankshaft while the technician loosens or tightens the front pulley mounting screw.
  • OEM Opel KM-6349, KM 6130 Locking pin used to lock the auxiliary drive belt tensioner in the retracted position
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  • OEM Opel KM-911 Engine flywheel lock Designed to lock the engine flywheel ring gear holding the crankshaft while the front pulley mounting screws are screwed in or out.

Find the Opel Fiat timing kit on for €85.34 incl. VAT

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