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Another victory for nico!

For this 4th event in Hébecrevon, it is a victory which is added to Nicolas Schatz’s prize list! We congratulate him warmly and wish him as much success for the next race. Here are his impressions:

This track is very specific with a very narrow and winding first half and a fast and wide second half between the safety rails. As usual in this region the weather was going to be a determining factor with very fast weather changes depending on the tides.

Practice: The first practice run was on a wet track, so we all started on rain tyres and I set the fastest time for this run. In the second one, the track is still wet on the lower part of the course and almost dry on the upper part. I start confidently in a good rhythm and I make a very good climb and I do the best performance again. I increase my lead over the competition to 3''16 over Sébastien PETIT and 3''51 over Lionel REGAL.

Race: Although the sky is very heavy, the first race is dry. I go on the attack and beat the track record in 58'39 but Lionel REGAL manages to do even better: 58'02. I am therefore second ahead of Sébastien PETIT who is 1'85 behind me. We then decide to start a mechanical part instead of lunch to sharpen the car. (Thanks to the mechanics!) During the second run some drops appear and I think that the track was less performing, but I still go on the attack trying to make the climb without fail. I set the best time of the run but I couldn't improve (58'44). The sky is still heavy but the rain seems to spare us: we'll have to work hard for the last run. In the order of the tests Lionel REGAL is the first to start from the top three, he starts as usual with the big attack but does not improve. Sébastien took his turn and here I am on the starting line. I really wanted to do well but I knew it was going to be difficult because Lionel REGAL had set the bar very high. I got off to a great start and the rest of the climb was almost flawless, but on the last bend I caught up with Sébastien PETIT who had done a touchdown and we crossed the finish line together... Fortunately he didn't get in my way, and after the finish line the digital display showed my time of 57'83. The public applauded and I understood that I had won the race by breaking the track record: I exploded with joy.

Conclusion: Obviously an excellent result, we had an almost perfect race as I won the race, broke the track record and led 4 of the 5 heats. The whole team did a great job and we had a great weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my partners and the people who support me, without whom I would not be able to achieve all these performances.



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