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Special lighting: floodlights

Discover our new range of projectors on

This month we offer 2 models of projectors. (72W and 144W)

Here are its advantages:

- It has a neon bulb which allows it to project a large uniform light ideally distributed over a large area: small model (H 42 x W 28 x D 11cm) , large model (H 50 x W 34 x D 10cm)

– It can resist splashes thanks to the Class IP 44 standard it has.

- This projector has a good design which makes it durable. In addition, it has a long cable distance (5 m) and high quality: 3G 1.5 mm²

In this range, 2 models are available:

- Small model 72W (3 x 24W) with 2 electrical sockets on the back 16A 250v 2P+T

- Large model 144W (4 x 36W) with 3 x 16A 250V 2P+T socket outlets on the back

We offer these two models at a special price:

- The small model (72W) at 89 euros TTc

- The large model (144W) at 129,90 euros TTc

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