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Cordless lamp : 35.00 € ttc !

For outdoor or garage assistance, presents the brand new KS tools workshop handheld:

The advantages of this handheld :


  • Includes 21 ultra powerful LEDs + a 5 LED torch at the end,
  • Hydrocarbon resistant coating and carbon finishes around the LEDs,
  • For added ergonomics, it has two attachment hooks and three ultra-strong magnets, two along the length and one at the base of the light,
  • Runs on 3.7V 1.2 Ah Li-ion battery, comes with a 220V charger,
  • Has a 180° tilting head,
  • It is a practical and compact hand-held lamp (250 x 55 mm),
  • Its biggest advantage is its excellent value for money.



Its new promotional price: only 35.00€ ttc.


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