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Offer on brake cleaner!

For your workshop and your car maintenance, take advantage of our best price on brake cleaner since the beginning of 2013!

The set of 6 cans of brake cleaner for 17.90 € TTC!

Less than 3 € for an aerosol of brake cleaner containing 600 ml net of cleaner!

Clean disassembled car parts, but also those mounted on your vehicle and difficult to access, thanks to its large capacity and the power of the spray.

Solvated, non-corrosive and non-conductive, certainly the best placed car cleaner on the market, these 600ml net aerosols combine efficiency, durability and effectiveness. Number 1 in Europe, this brake cleaner is sprayable over 360° and has a very powerful jet, allowing to efficiently clean all types of car mechanical parts: brake calipers, engine gearboxes, etc.'s brake cleaner leaves no residue

Sold in boxes of 6 aerosol cans of brake cleaner.

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