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Stars of the show: the soldering mask!

New at Sodisarc, the 1/2/3 EN379 liquid crystal welding bonnet

.2 in 1, for welding and grinding, the Sodisarc welding bonnet can be used in two positions: ARC, MIG/MAG, TIG welding and grinding position. Equipped with a 2-sensor solar cell and an automatic filter, various settings are possible: variable colour from 9 to 13, sensitivity and return to light (0.25 to 0.8 sec). The light to dark transition time is 1/30000sec. Ergonomic, flexible and light, this bonnet is finished in carbon fibre.

  • Cell: 110×90x9mm
  • Field of view: 98×43mm
  • Weight with cell: 555 gr

This welding mask is on special offer on at 79.95 € ttc



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