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The technicality of xp at a very low price!

[LP Tent, one of the leading folding tents manufacturers, is launching a model combining the qualities of its XP range for a lower price! The XP light range has all the advantages: robust, light, fast, ergonomic, 100% French design and technology.

The structure:

Structure entirely in anodised aluminium,Fiberglass injected connection piece,Stainless steel screws

The roof:

Nylon tarpaulin with P.V.C coating, 300gr/m²,Hardly flammable, anti-U.V., 100% waterproof.Reinforcement in each corner.Rot-proof seams.

The walls:

Walls are mounted on the periphery of the roof with 50 mm velcro, attached to the posts with a 50 mm vertical velcro strip.


Flame retardant, UV resistant and 100% waterproof.Wind resistance + 50 km/h with adequate securing.

Available in white, complete kit including: frame, roof, transport cover, wall kit (3 solid walls, 1 door wall or 5 solid walls and 1 door wall for the 3m x 6m) and a wall bag.

Three references available at special prices until 31 December 2010:

XP light 330 : 3m x 3m 599.95 € ttc on

XP light 345 : 3m x 4.5m 750.00 € ttc on

XP light 360 :3m x 6m 999.00 € ttc on


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