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The double at mont dore! and KS tools had the pleasure to be present at the most beautiful hillclimb in France, Le Mont dore Chambon sur lac, for a demonstration stand.

Moreover, our two drivers of the French championship, Nicolas Schatz and Anthony Cosson, have signed the victory! Here are their impressions:

Nicolas :

This mythical event, which is part of the European Mountain Championship, brought together nearly 140 participants. With its 43 bends, its layout is always so magnificent, all this in the grandiose setting of the Sancy mountains. Like last year, we all know that it will be impossible to follow the pace of the European champion Simone FAGGIOLI with his official OSELLA FA30. Indeed the potential of this car which respects a specific European Championship regulation (very free) associated with the talent of Simone make it a formidable weapon.

Race: The first round takes place on a very tricky track: there are still a few patches of humidity following the night rain and above all a fog that could cut you to pieces. I decide to take care of it by mounting 4 new tyres. I ride without taking too many risks, the climb is very difficult because the visibility is almost zero. And to top it all off, my helmet visor fogged up... in these conditions I was happy to reach the finish. During the second one, the fog disappeared and the sun came out, an ideal weather... I took a good start and stayed concentrated, I know that I should not make any mistake because, exceptionally, the classification is made on the addition of the two best heats, and so the two climbs of the afternoon will surely be taken into account. I then made a good climb and signed the best French performance. During the last run, I am very motivated and determined to improve my previous time. I then go on the attack and exploit the full potential of my car. After 5 kms of adrenaline I set a 2'19'5, an improvement of almost 3 seconds. I won the French classification and climbed to the second step of the European podium behind Simone FAGGIOLI and in front of another OSELLA FA30, that of the Luxembourger Guy DEMUTH.

Conclusion: I am very satisfied with my weekend, especially with my last time. By winning this race I am getting closer to a second French Champion title.


Best time in practice with a new chassis, the times are already very close to the 2010 record.The first race climb will be run on a tricky track because of the rain, I started on a rain tyre and set the second fastest time behind Nicolas Werver on a slick tyre. The second climb will be completely dry, no choice, the big attack is compulsory to achieve a better time, an almost perfect climb and the time shows 2.41.766. A new record!The third and last climb will be decisive for the winner because this event is in the European Championship, the accumulation of the two best times is compulsory. This climb is very difficult because you have to ride without making mistakes ... Once again the climb goes perfectly and with the addition of the two best times I win this 10th round!

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