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Short-trigger dynamo spanner

Clé dynamométrique à déclenchement court avec carré traversant

Description and Benefits:

  • High release accuracy: ± 4% accuracy and delivered with certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • For controlled left and right hand clamping
  • No overtightening due to short release
  • High precision thanks to 4-fold graduation in Nm, kg-fm, lbf-in and lbf-ft
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustment using the handle's built-in crank
  • Display with graduated watch and driven pointer
  • Sensitive triggerLI]Sensory, auditory and visual triggering when the torque is reached
  • Individual identification by means of a code
  • Individual identification through unique serial number and certificate

The short release system guarantees precise tightening of the screws and also reduces the risk of overtightening. The release is sensory, auditory and visual when the torque is reached and the mechanism automatically switches to disengaged mode. Adjustment is precise and simple by using a crank handle integrated into the handle.

The ratchet head is fitted with the through square drive allowing controlled left and right hand tightening.

Available models:

  • 3/8 square: 2.5-11 Nm, 5-33 Nm and 12-68 Nm
  • 1/2 square: 12-68 Nm, 25-150 Nm, 50-250 Nm and 70-350 Nm
  • 3/4 square: 140-800 Nm
  • square 1″: 200-1000 Nm and 500-2000 Nm

On from 229.69 euros vat

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