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The beta c45 furniture range is changing!

Faced with the success of the C45 workshop furniture range, Beta is now developing the range with 6 new furniture references and furniture combinations to be discovered here:



An imposing composition of 12 pieces of furniture and 14 stirrup parts and accessories and tool holder panels, a total of 19 drawers and 12 doors for as much optimized storage with angle.

  • Wooden top model C45/DW at 4,678.80 including VAT
  • C45/DX stainless steel tray model at 4,788.00 incl. tax





A composition that incorporates the new extra-wide fixed cabinet with 7 drawers + one door, allowing for large storage drawers, for a compact unit that is even easier to assemble.

  • Wooden top model C45/EW at 1,644.00 including VAT
  • C45/EX stainless steel plate model at 1,678.80 incl. tax




The new C45 cabinet with 7 drawers and 1 door for extra large storage comes with its wooden or stainless steel top already included in the price.

  • Wood or stainless steel top
  • 1 drawer of 1248 x 406 mm
  • 6 drawers 782 x 406 mm (5 drawers 85 mm high / 1 drawer 155 mm high)
  • 1 compartment with intermediate shelf and closing door
  • Wooden top model C45/M7AW at 799.00 including tax
  • Stainless steel plate model C45/M7AX at 875.00 including tax

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