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Champion in spite of himself…

[We will have finished this championship in pain. The request that I led jointly with the first drivers of the Championship was well taken into consideration by the President of the FFSA Nicolas DESCHAUX. He answered me personally (I would like to thank him) that it was impossible to modify a regulation during the season. So I inherit the 2010 title, it will obviously be dedicated to Lionel.

In spite of everything, we will keep an imperishable memory of this 2010 season, of all these moments spent with the REGAL team. Of all these battles with Lionel, which ended with Champagne and a good sporting handshake.

Finally, I would like to thank all my partners for having placed their trust in me. Thanks to their help, the SCHATZ Competition team has been able to fight at the highest level and, thanks to them, I have been able to pass on to you all the adrenaline-filled moments that we experience.

Thank you and see you in 2011

With these words Nicolas Schatz ends a 2010 championship that will remain in the memories. Congratulations to Nicolas and his team for their great performance. Of course, we are looking forward to 2011, for a new championship, despite the absence of a great driver

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