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Car tools: small prices that change your life!

Small new products are coming this spring, and here are some examples of Laser's low prices, well thought out products that can save you time!

LAS 5788:

During long-term work on the front of front-wheel drive vehicles, it is sometimes necessary to remove the vehicle's drive shafts.Due to the repair times involved in some subcontracted overhauls, the vehicle may have to be put "on the back burner" for a while with the job half done.If the vehicle's driveshafts have been removed and the vehicle has to be moved to a suitable place for parking, it cannot be re-installed on its wheels, as the weight of the vehicleThe weight of the vehicle could force the wheel bearing races apart, damaging the bearings.This means that the vehicle must be left either on stanchions or on a bridge, making the lift unusable until the job is done.A set of "dummy driveshafts" or wheel bearing supports have been designed to be put in place of the driveshaft.Once the tool is installed, the vehicle can be wheeled back onto its wheels and rolled off the lift to free up space in the garage.Please note that this kit is designed to allow the vehicle to be pushed to its parking location. The kit should not be used to allow the vehicle to be towed on roads.Always ensure that no component touches or presses on an ABS sensor

Each bracket consists of a 5-piece set that includes two chamfered rings for both sides of the wheel bearing (bearing and hub), a fully threaded centre screw and two matching bracket nuts.This kit has been developed to fit as many wheel bearing variants as possible

Find the fake driveshaft set on for €66.31 incl. VAT


POW 92407:



Discover the glue body removal kit. The glue pull is an ideal repair process when it is difficult to access the rear of the dent to be repaired.In addition, when used with care, this kit prevents damage to the paintwork.The 92407 Pulling Dent Kit is ideal for reducing light dents and impact marks.It is supplied with 10 matching bonding pads, including circular and elliptical split pads, suitable for different shapes and sizes of dents.

Glue-on pads are designed to grip and pull in different ways.A split pad exerts a strong initial pull on the dent. The pad then deforms as the metal works and exerts a stronger central pull.

Find the bonded dent removal kit on for €56.36 incl. VAT


LAS 5158:


This clamp is designed for the quick removal of exhaust silencers

Applications : Volkswagen | Audi | Mercedes-Benz | Saab | Mitsubishi | Nissan | Honda | Ford | Land Rover | Mazda | Toyota | Vauxhall/Opel


Find the silent block clamp on for 32.10 € TTC


LAS 5216:



This tool is used to correctly align and restore damaged wheel nut threads.This thread restoration tool consists of two parts and can therefore be fitted to threads in good condition (usually at the base of the bolt) and then unscrewed to fit damaged threads.on damaged threads

The tool kit includes three two-part dies, fitting the most common wheel nut thread sizes.M12 x 1.22mm / M12 x 1.5mm / M14 x 1.5mmHexagon adapter size: 24mm

Find the Rapid Nut Repair Kit on for €34.56 incl. VAT

Also available in PL version part number LAS 5924: The kit includes four split dies to suit the most common PL wheel stud thread sizes:M18 x 1.5 mm / M20 x 1.5 mm / M22 x 1.5 mm / 7/8" – 11 BSFHexagon adapter size: 32 mm


Find the HGV nuts quick repair kit on for 58.19 € TTC

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