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Promising start to the season for nicolas schatz!

It is with great pleasure that we meet again in this new season, our champion Nicolas Schatz !

[New season, new challenge for the whole Schatz Competition team. After having won the French Mountain Championship at the wheel of a Reynard Nippon Formula 3000, I'm putting my title on the line again by attempting a daring gamble: to win a new crown with a Norma M20 FC proto, powered by an ORECA 4L V8 engine. Having received the new car only ten days before the start of the championship, time was short, as we had to get to grips with the car in a very short space of time and make sure it worked properly. A few engine problems with less than a week to go before the race in Bagnols put the participation in this first round of the Championship in jeopardy. But the hard work of the whole team with the support of NORMA and ORECA pays off and it is with the Norma, entered in the CN+ group, that I find the paddock of Bagnols sur Cèze.

During the race, the weather is not the same... Apart from the ambient coolness, it is under a radically different sky that this day of race is announced. The rain has now given way to sunshine, and the track is back to its normal grip. »


The season is off to a very good start in the proto and we couldn't have hoped for anything better than a win with a track record as our first result. »

Still in the south of France, Nico contested the 2nd round of the championship, the Col St Pierre: « We know that the first morning round is one of the best of the day. I put on 4 very good tyres and went on the attack. The electronic throttle control is still difficult to control and it's not easy for me to manage the traction and to get the 490 horsepower to the ground. In the fast corners, I attack to the maximum but I have difficulties to hold the car which tends to oversteer. In spite of this I set a very good time of 2'26''630. Sébastien PETIT did better in 2'25''043. »

[I am satisfied with my last time, I attacked a lot. Our level of performance is very high compared to the level of maturity of the car, it's encouraging for the future. »

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