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Price drop: tyre slitter at €339!

The best products and the best prices are celebrated at! After more than 150 tyre shredders sold, the prices are going down! The tire slitter is no longer 380.00 € TTC but 339.00 € TTC ! The Salvadori tyre slitter has proven itself in all fields, whether it be motor sports, motorbikes, public transport, trucks, etc.

The tyre slitter from the Italian brand Salvadori has 10 power settings with 600 watts. The sliding blade holders of the tyre slitter can be adapted to any type of blade on the market. The Salvadori tyre slitter defies comparison in terms of both power and quality.



With its handy, lightweight handle and extra long cable, this tyre scorer is extremely ergonomic. The tyre scorer guarantees you solidity and sturdiness to work safely and quickly. The blade holders of the tire slitter give the possibility to shape the cut according to the need and, thanks to its simple construction, this tyre slitter bends to any blade size.



The Salvadori 600 W adjustable tyre trimmer is offered at the lower price of 339.00 € ttc on Don't forget, we offer free shipping on orders of 150.00 € (incl. VAT) or more!

Some tips for a good tyre retread:

  • Always re-cut the tyre forwards,
  • Always measure your pressures on the trigger, and heat the blade only when in contact with the rubber,
  • You have to heat up the tyre engraver progressively, starting with the first position of the switch, then 2, 3, 4, 5…,
  • You should not go from 1 to 10 too quickly on the tyre burner,
  • For a mole rubber type N0, the setting No. 2 of the tyre scorer is the most appropriate,
  • The harder the tyre rubber, the higher the setting on the tyre cutting machine,


Please note: the promotional prices mentioned on this article are limited in time has extended its range of tyre scorers, with the Schrader models, designed for intensive use. Very soon on Team Millmat, you will find a complete comparative file!


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