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The first championship rounds of nicolas schatz!

Already two dates at the French Mountain Championship and already a lot of points accumulated for Nicolas Schatz at the beginning of 2014!

 Here we are, we are already attacking the season! A little reminder: I'm starting again with the Norma V8 CN+ from last season, but which has undergone some changes in terms of ground connection and also in terms of gearbox control (paddles on the steering wheel like in F1). Changes that promise a lot of fun at the wheel and as a spectator!

On April 6, Nico had engine problems with the Norma at Bagnols Sabran, leaving the suspense at its height during the last climb where everything was to be decided

.[Here I am on the starting line. The light is red, once it's orange I put on my first gear, lower my visor; as soon as the green light is lit I jump to the first corner. No race management , maximum attack, it is imperative to make a time! I try to use my Norma's capacities to the maximum, some corners are limited but I can feel the grip in my car. 1'23''536 ! That's the time that appears when I cross the finish line. I am so concentrated that I have no idea what my time is. When I stop behind Sébastien PETIT at the parc fermé, and seeing the people arriving around me applauding, I understand that I have won the race, and then I am told that I have just beaten the track record that I set last year. My tense face relaxes little by little, I can appreciate this moment of joy after a won race ...!

No rest for the brave, and it is the following weekend that the Col St Pierre event takes place, a French and European championship event. The test climbs take on their full meaning with multiple tests and adjustments to start the race in the best conditions and finish in the lead on Saturday ahead of Sébastien PETIT and Alban THOMAS in the French ranking

.[As usual here, the morning round is always favourable to performances. The rule will be confirmed because after a good attack I realize a good time of 2'24''193. I take the lead of the race in the French ranking with a 2.9' lead over Sébastien PETIT. The custom will also be verified for the 2nd round of the race. The omnipresent sun heats up the atmosphere, a parameter that tends to decrease the performance of the engines. » The last climb will then be cancelled by the organizers following various incidents.

It's a very good start to the season for our champion, who will not fail to fine-tune his settings with all his team and to give us more great racing moments!

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