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Star of the show: the triple plus!

The enthusiasts present at the show, especially the lucky owners of American and British cars, were seduced by the technology of the Triple Plus range, a real tool that complements ordinary sockets and spanners. Indeed, the profiles of sockets on our cars are multiplying and oblige us to have more and more specific boxes per profile.

Innovative, the profile of the Triple Plus sockets makes it possible to work with dimensions in millimetres and inches, Torx and XZN nuts as well as hexagonal and 12-sided nuts. No more searching in the toolbox for THE right socket for the nut you are working on! The Triple Plus socket will fit without a problem!

Available as a short or long socket, this quality Tripleplus socket has a serrated profile for a better grip. Made from chrome vanadium, a carbon steel alloy which is used in tooling for its excellent technical characteristics, the Tripleplus socket from KS Tools guarantees solidity and reliability to its user. Tripleplus sockets come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer

.Already more than 120 references available on ! Discover the Triple Plus range à l’unité ou in a box

The 40 piece 1/4 Triple plus set

The 42 Piece 1/2 Triple Plus Set

The 17-piece 3/8 1/2 through sockets Triple plus set

The 81 piece socket and spanner set 1/4 1/2 Triple plus



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