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New range of cleaning sprays presents you its new range of aerosols for the maintenance of your car, currently in promotion on all the range, discover these new products from 4 € (decreasing price in quantity) :


This tar remover removes tar, grease, oil and fuel stains from bodywork, wheel rims and hubcaps. Neutral towards paintwork, even metallic, the tar remover also cleans and degreases mechanical parts. It does not leave rings and does not attack the rubber. After using this product, we advise you to wash your hands with the dry hand cleaner of the range.


This hand cleaner is used as is, without the addition of water, without a cloth. It can be removed by simply rubbing your hands together. This dry hand cleaner cleans effectively by exfoliating hand dirt and does not leave the skin sticky after use. It eliminates tar, grease and other dirt. Ideal for outdoor use where cleaning with water is not possible or even to save your water supply, this cleaner is suitable for garages, mechanics, maintenance departments, etc. Very economical, you only need a dab of foam to leave your hands clean and dry.


This window cleaner contains an active tenside, specially selected for its cleaning and antistatic action. It allows to clean the windows in only one operation. It dissolves greasy or dry dirt and removes stains and insect dirt. This cleaner can be used as a mosquito remover on car bodies. It does not leave any traces after use and has an antistatic effect against dust. This cleaner does not contain any abrasives. It is easy to use with a soft, dry cloth.

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