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Gearplus mini combination ratchet wrench

The GEARplus Mini ratchet is also equipped with reversible technology and is made of chrome vanadium in a matt chrome finish. It complies with DIN and ISO standards. The GEARplus Mini ratchet has a 72 tooth ratchet with a 5° return angle. The fork and the ratchet are inclined at 15°, making the Mini ratchet wrench more ergonomic. A small hook allows you to change the direction of the ratchet with a simple gesture. The Mini Ratchet Wrench is available in diameters from 8 to 19 mm, but also in a 12-piece box set.

The Mini Ratchet Wrench is used in tight spaces for tightening and loosening nuts where a standard ratchet will not do. Its compact design makes this mini wrench the "go anywhere" of the GEARplus range. also offers the GEARplus locking adapters that allow you to transform your combination wrench from a ratchet to a pawl. Made of chrome vanadium and equipped with a socket ejection system, the adapter set can be used to complete this range.

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