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Extra low aluminum jack 1.5 t

The 1.5 T extra low aluminum jack. This jack combines the advantages of being fast, light and extra flat. Ideal for competition use on the lowest cars. Its speed of use thanks to its double piston technology, will allow you to save time during frequent wheel changes. The little extras: swivel wheels at the back for more maneuverability, a large handle so you don't have to bend down, a protective pad on the handle, a controlled descent without any hitches.

The technical data of the jack:

Minimum height of floor jack: 82 mm

Maximum height of the trolley jack: 445 mm

Trolley jack dimensions: 667 x 294 x 170 mm

Trolley jack weight: 20 Kg

The extra low aluminum trolley jack remains unquestionably our best-selling jack, given its value for money. Indeed, strives to keep its promotional price as long as possible. The extra low aluminum trolley jack is on sale at €229.90 including tax. This jack is kept regularly in stock and is almost always available. He can therefore be with you within 48 hours.

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