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To discover in this article, the new range of boosters from KS Tools, with 3 different technologies at your disposal, the Ultimate Boost range (with batteries), the Ultimate Pulse booster range (with capacitors) and the Ultimate Hybrid booster range (the 2 technologies in a single booster), to be selected according to your use and your budget:

Ultimate BOOST range

A battery booster ideal for petrol and diesel engines, with maximum safety thanks to its electronic protection! It prevents reverse charging in the event of polarity reversal or incorrect voltage selection and eliminates the risk of the booster exploding!

3 models are available in this range:

Booster 550.1810 VL-VUL 12V Starting power 850A Peak current 2500A Weight 12,10 kg

Booster 550.1820 VL-VUL-PL 12/24V Starting power 1700/850A Peak current 5000/2500A Weight 18.50 kg

Booster 550.1825 VL-VUL-PL Voltage 12/24V Starting power 2340/1170A Peak current 6200/3100A Weight 24.18 kg

Charge time max. 8 hours for all three boosters, service life 400 cycles

Ultimate PULSE range

A new generation capacitor booster with unlimited start, it is operational in a few seconds thanks to an instantaneous 100% recharge after the start of the vehicle being serviced. Battery-less start booster with two charging options: from the vehicle battery and from the mains.

This is a much lighter booster than a traditional one.The pluses of the KS Tools capacitor booster:

  • Unmatched convenience.
  • 160 cm of cable for optimum accessibility and handling
  • Fully insulated, pure brass industrial angled clamps
  • Convenient cable storageLI]Convenient cable storage on the sides of the housing
  • No need to constantly hold cables
  • No need to keep constantly under load (unlimited storage time)
  • Maximum safety[/LILI]Audible alarm in case of polarity reversal
  • Secure electronic managementLI]Secure electronic management: in case of polarity reversal, Anti-peak
  • Robust housing
  • Robust and ultra-resistant casing (Pure ABS anti-shock)

P]Clamp equipped with a protection fuse

3 models available

3 models are available in this range:

Booster 550.1830 VL-VUL 12V Starting power 750A Peak current 2250A Weight 4.20 kg

Booster 550.1840 VL-VUL 12V Starting power 1800A Peak current 9000A Weight 8.20 kg

Booster 550.1850 VL-VUL-PL 12/24V Starting power 4700/3700A Peak current 20000/10000A Weight 16.50 kg

Operational in a few seconds, charging time 5h max for all three boosters, lifetime 1 000 000 cycles.

Ultimate HYBRID range

The power of a capacitor combined with a battery booster! The booster uses the 600 FARAD capacitor as a priority and can therefore deliver a peak current of 3500A. The hybrid technology allows the starting aid to be used longer, via the 14 Ah battery.

The booster is recharged as soon as the engine is started by recovering the energy supplied by the vehicle's alternator. The recharging time is maximum 2 minutes (time necessary to compensate the small loss of charge of the battery). The booster is guaranteed for 2 years

The pluses of the hybrid booster:

  • Higher load than a capacitor booster.
  • Compact dimensions and weight.
  • Insulated solid brass clamps.
  • Fast charging almost identical to a capacitor booster.

P]Integrated power switch on the clamp

500A fuse supplied with and easily replaceable

LEDs that indicate the battery charge level

Convenient cable storage on the back of the case

One model is available in this range:

Booster 550.1860 VL-VUL 12V Starting power 1300A Peak current 3500A Weight 7 kg

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