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Comparison of aluminium rolling jacks

The brand new KS tools aluminium jack (actually aluminium/steel jack) has just been released! Here is a comparison with the all-aluminium model from

The models presented here are:

- KS Tools 161.0365 2 ton jack New Slim power model

- Millmatpro all-aluminium 2-tonne jack, equivalent to the old KS Tools 160.0365

These are both 2 tonne capacity, extra low profile wheelie jacks for LV and competition use.

The new Slim Power model from KS Tools lives up to its name with a new extra low and deep profile, with a minimum height of 90mm and a maximum height of 460mm.

The Millmat model remains the lowest, with a minimum height of 85mm by 25cm deep at this height, and a height of 460mm as well (625mm chassis and 710mm overall footprint).

The little extras:

- The KS Tools Slim power model has a stainless steel storage cup for nuts, an ergonomic carrying handle on the front of the jack and nylon wheels. In addition, it benefits from the handy round swivel pad.

- The Millmatpro model does not have a cup (available as an option), but has 3 metal handles on the sides and back of the jack, as well as nylon wheels and a square pad.

The lifting speed is really similar on both models, with the double piston system. The subtlety is on the descent, as the KS Tools model has a braked safe descent.

Another subtlety is the angle of the jack handle. In the KS Tools model, the handle has a reduced angle, held in place with a bar that prevents it from touching the vehicle. This system also makes for less tiring lifting, as less movement is required to operate the lift

But the best thing about Millmat's all-aluminium model is its weight! Only 20 kilos against 26 kilos for the KS Tools aluminium/steel jack. This is an undeniable advantage when it comes to transporting the jack.

Finally both models come with a 1 year warranty, and spare parts such as gimbals, buffers, cylinders, wheels, etc. are available for both models.

Find the Slim power aluminium/steel jack from KS Tools at the new special price of 249.00 euros including VAT

Find the all-aluminium jack from Millmatpro at the special price of 269.00 euros (incl. VAT)


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