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Dominique romo

Dominique has been practicing motorsport for more than 10 years. He started out in hill climbs and rallies with an R11 turbo then a Clio F2000.

Since 2004, he has qualified for and taken part in all hill climb finals. Today, his R19 is the favorite every weekend for victory in Group A in the hill climb, but it is also in rallying that Dominique is daunting for his opponents.

This year again, he qualified for the final of the French mountain cup. He will participate in the final of St Gouëno this weekend. We will therefore return to its results. We wish him a good race.

During competitions, Dominique uses the 2.8 Kw petrol generator with starter on sale on at the promo price of €380.00 including tax. This generating set has an electric starter as well as high power. The generator set makes life easier for assistance when using large equipment such as a compressor, a scraper or even lighting during a night special.

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