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The torque wrench for less than €110!

Discover our new promotion: the KS Tools Ergotorque ½ torque wrench precision of + or - 3% 20-200 NM at 109.50 € incl. tax introductory price instead of 188.26 € incl. tax!

Torque wrench with sensory and auditory triggering, it is ideal in a noisy environment and/or without visibility.

Think about it! A torque wrench is essential in competition because wheel changes are very frequent. It is therefore necessary to secure your tightening.

A torque wrench prevents over-tightening of screws and bolts and protects threads, rims and brake discs.

Remember that a torque wrench allows and facilitates the fitting of wheels in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer.


The KS Tools torque wrench has a 48-tooth ratchet. Its recovery angle is therefore very low.

More ergonomic, the adjustment and locking of the torque is done at the end of the dynamo key. In addition, the adjustment lens is very precise. Indeed you can adjust your torque wrench to the nearest newton. also offers you the full range of KS Tools torque wrenches on sale. From 1 to 200 NM, in 1/4, 1/2 or 3/8 square:

Torque wrench ¼ Ergotorque precision 1 – 5 Nm at 132.76 € incl. tax

Torque wrench ¼ Ergotorque precision 2 – 25 Nm at 136.40 € incl. tax

Torque wrench 3/8 Ergotorque precision 5 – 50 Nm at 138.74 € incl. tax

Torque wrench ½ Ergotorque precision 10 – 100 Nm at 141.13 € incl. tax

Torque wrench ½ Ergotorque precision 20 – 200 Nm at 109.50 € incl. tax (the most used torque wrench in motor racing)

Each of the torque wrenches has a removable drive square that allows easy tightening and loosening.

Chaque carré d’entraînement peut être vendu seul, ce qui vous permet d’adapter votre clé dynamométrique en ¼, ½ et 3/8. En plus des carrés standard, vous propose les poignées en T en 3/8 et 1/2, ce qui apporte encore plus d’ergonomie.

Les clés dynamométriques KS Tools sont vendues avec leur certificat d’étalonnage ainsi qu’un numéro de série qui vous garantit une précision de serrage optimale et un SAV irréprochable. 

Attention : les prix promo mentionnés sur cet article sont limités dans le temps

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