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Full of gifts with the conso beta range has added a hundred new references in the field of consumables with the partnership of beta france! a complete range of aerosols, glues and liquid seals, discs, flap discs, flap wheels, grinding wheels and electrical consumables such as nylon collars, insulating adhesive tapes, lugs, etc.

to launch the range, we would like to make our customers benefit from an exclusive offer! exceptional beta gifts depending on the amount of the consumable order:

  • for every 500 euros (including vat) ordered in the beta range, the 1/4 beta compact box will be offered.
  • for every 1000 euros (incl. vat) ordered in the « conso beta » range, the orange beta c27s trolley is offered!
  • for 1500 euros ttc order in the range « conso beta », the orange beta c27s trolley and its tools compo free!

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beta chemicals

tightening a bolt is not always enough to achieve a secure fit. it needs to be cleaned, lubricated and sealed.

the family consists of anaerobic sealants, cyanoacrylic adhesives and aerosols for the maintenance, cleaning and lubrication of mechanical components.

anaerobic productsthe anaerobic products guarantee the complete filling of the small surface irregularities of the metal, so as to guarantee the distribution of the mechanical stresses over the entire connection surface. they consolidate in the total absence of oxygen and completely seal the connection or thread for water, gas, oils, fuels and industrial fluids.they are available in three strength classes: high (h), medium (m) and low (l) and in different packaging sizes to suit all requirements.

instant adhesiveethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive for structural joints of different materials.

aerosolwide range of spray products designed to unblock, grease, lubricate, clean and galvanise.the sprays are made of steel, completely recyclable.

flap discs / cutting discs

with the beta abrasives project, beta utensili affirms its will to offer a complete range of products and an absolute technical service to the professionals of the market, guaranteed by the production skills made available by abrabeta.

flap discs are made of abrasive cloth flaps bonded to a backing and are the perfect choice for roughing and finishing operations.

compared to deburring discs, they guarantee faster removal, a more homogeneous finish, reduce vibration and noise, and allow working at lower temperatures. they are available with cloths of different abrasive materials with different granulometries and two types of backing.

types of abrasive granules

zirconium: zirconium oxide has a long life in heavy removal operations, thanks to its self-sharpening characteristic.

corundum: aluminium oxide has a high resistance to grinding and is therefore well suited to machining on tough materials.

zirconium ceramic:the special ceramic coating process further improves the characteristics of zirconium oxide and increases its durability.

ceramic:durable abrasive with a microstructure produced by sintering, which fractures into very small particles, thus continuously creating new cutting protrusions.

there are three basic components of a cut-off wheel:

1 – abrasive granules: represent the material removal element through the abrasive action of the cutting projections of each grain.corundum – aluminium oxide with good characteristics, which is the basic choice for every professional abrasive.zirconium - consists of corundum with the addition of zirconium oxide, which increases its strength and gives the cutting edges the ability to regenerate, thus increasing the cutting speed.silicon carbide - this is a very hard material, ideal for working on hard and friable materials (stone, marble, refractory products) and non-ferrous metals.the grain size is chosen by beta according to the thickness and characteristics that the disc must have. the grain size of beta discs varies from 24 to 60.

2 – resin binders are used to amalgamate the granules and reinforcing grids into a single body. beta uses resins that can withstand the high temperatures that arise from cutting or grinding.

3 – the reinforcing grids, made of fibreglass, ensure that the disc structure is highly resistant to centrifugal forces and mechanical stresses.

consumable electricity

flap wheel / grinding wheel on shaft

flap wheels are manufactured with flexible flaps to obtain precise and homogeneous finishes on irregular shapes and surfaces.beta presents three types of spindle wheels for different finishing results.

flap wheels with high quality corundum abrasive cloth. available in diameters from 10 to 80 mm and grain sizes from 40 to 120.

non-woven abrasive wheels made of synthetic corundum fibres.

flap/non-woven wheels with alternating cloth and corundum fabric. the addition of the fabric ensures better removal than with non-woven wheels.

mounted wheels for use with straight grinders. manufactured in different types to suit different machining operations and with three types of abrasive:

- pink corundum with vitrified bond for use on different types of steel

- grey/white corundum with resin bond for stainless steel

- grey/white aluminium oxide with resin bond for cast iron

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