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Ks tools : technical selection for cars

Extractor sockets for injectors:

KS Tools continues to expand its range of car specific tools with injector extraction sockets.

  • Renault 12 bit model 1/2″ x 17 x 80 mml at 15.61 euros incl. VAT
  • 12-sided model PSA 1/2″ x27 110 mml at 18.84 euros incl. VAT.

The magnetic locking extension set:

9 piece magnetic locking extension set including:

  • 1/4 extension: 50-100-250mm
  • 3/8 extension: 75-150-250mm
  • 1/2 extension: 50-125-250mm

Available on at a special price of 52.00 euros (VAT included)

T-handle spanner sets:


Two new sets of T-handle spanners from KS tools, in hex and torx delivered in a box:

  • 8-piece hexagonal set containing: 2×125 – 2,5×125 – 3×125 – 4×180 – 5×180 – 6×210 – 8×250 – 10×300 mm for 88.00 euros incl. VAT at special price.
    • Compatible with most petrol and diesel engines
    • Contains: M20-22-24 injector / Ford stanadyne injector
    • Spark plug size 10-12-14-18mm
    • 90° elbow fitting
    • 1/4&Prime adapter hose;
    • Available on 275.00 € incl. VAT, special price

      10 piece petrol model:

      • Complete test kit for petrol engine
      • Complete set of adapters for cars and industrial engines M10-12-14-16-18
      • Pneumatic Pressure Retaining Adapter for repairing valve seals without disassembling the cylinder head
      • Digital pressure gauge for reading Psi-Bar Kpa from 0-20 bar
      • 18 cylinder memory
      • Available on at the special price of 259.00 € TTC

      13 piece diesel model:

      • Complete test kit for direct and indirect injection
      • LI]Compact quick-connect adaptor for safe and efficient work
      • Includes one Hose
      • Includes 355mm hose for reaching plugs and hard to reach holes
      • Includes a 0-70 bar Mano, dummy glow plug kit, dummy injectors and dummy Stanadyne
      • Available on at the special price of 274.00 € TTC

      Compressiometer adapters:



      23 Piece Compressiometer and Cylinder Leak Tester Adapter Kit.

  • The universal hub puller:



    KS Tools offers the Universal Hub Puller, 28 pieces.Universal hub puller for cars, vans and trucks for removing wheel hubs, designed for easy use, made of special steel, delivered in a sturdy case.Applications:

    • Use on brake discs, wheel hubs, bearings, HUBs, hub bearings, drive shafts, etc.
    • LI]Minimum working diameter 112 mm and maximum 205 mm
    • Dismantling of the hub
    • Disassembly of the hub with the KS 700.1415 inertia weight
    • .LI]Disassembly of the cardan shaft with Vibro-Power power screw (included in the box) or with hydraulic power screw KS 700.1400-1 or 615.0001 (available as an option)
    • Wheel screw with threaded bolt
    • Wheel bolt with thread M14x1.25 M12x1.5 (e.g. VW T4, T5, Lt, Mb car sprinter, BMW, etc.)
    • Wheel bolt with thread M14 + M16x1.5 (e.g. Ford Transit, Renault Master, Opel Movano, etc.)

    Available on at the special price of 740.00 € TTC.

    The bearing tool set for seals and rings:



    Tool set for mounting and dismounting of bearings, seals and ringsTool set for direct use on the vehicle. More details in the video.Composition of the set:

    • ø1.ID 34 – 72 mm
    • ø2.Ad 44 – 82 mm
    • M10x1.5 / M12x1.75 / M14x2.0 / M16x2.0

    Available on at a special price of €596.00 incl. VAT

    The helicoid box:



    Thread repair set 87 pieces, helicoid thread inserts M6 M8 M10- Kit with drill, tap, installation tool- Pitch: 6×1,00 – 8×1,25 – 10×1,50

    Available on at the special price of 99.50 € TTC


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