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Focus on beta c45 workshop furniture

Workshop furniture is a popular product among all professional tool brands, today it is a system that brings us two advantages: its primary function, storage, the workbench and then the brand image. , thanks to a completely tailor-made and pro furniture composition.

In September 2014, KS Tools began the offensive with a complete SRM range (article of the time) this range of workshop fittings has not stopped evolving since, KS Tools currently offering more than 40 references of furniture, for an increasingly wide choice offered to the user, who can best personalize his installation.

Beta's first response will be the RSC55 system, which opts for a very demanding line in quality. The workshop furniture offers around fifty high-finish references with 700 mm deep worktops, i.e. trays 40% deeper than the SRM from KS Tools.

This range of workshop furniture responding to a very elitist clientele, Beta has decided to launch a brand new, more economical range, responding to more realistic market demand, and more equivalent to the SRM system. This is the C45 range of workshop furniture.

Presentation of the C45 Series workshop furniture:

The catalog offers two axes:

- a part of a complete workshop furniture set comprising 13 compositions. It allows you to easily view your workshop and order it with a click! Example of proposed composition:


 Is an attractive price synonymous with poor quality?

When we look at the price of the C45 workshop furniture range, we can wonder if the quality is there!

Several answers, techniques and marketing explain this:

  • The number of C45 cabinets is very limited, for example, you will only find 4 low cabinets, of a single length. KS tools currently offers 12 low cabinets in the SRM range. The savings made by Beta in terms of logistics are enormous.
  • Then, unlike the RSC55 range, and SRM from KS Tools, Beta does not offer C45 configuration software, which could have been expensive when the range was launched.
  • The furniture set is of very good quality. The resistances per drawer are lower than the RSC55 and SRM ranges (45 kg), but remain quite respectable for daily use (25 and 30 kg depending on the size of the drawer).
  • Savings are made with cabinets sold and delivered as a kit to be assembled yourself.
  • Please note that the C45 workshop furniture range is not advertised as a self-supporting workshop range (must therefore be fixed to the wall). For information, we did the test with the C45 composition installed in our showroom, it is not fixed to a wall, and is self-supporting very well!

Ultimately, Beta made smart choices in design, merchandising and logistics, allowing for a full range of workshop furniture at a very low price, without sacrificing quality!

The pluses and minuses of the range:

+ For a low cost, Beta offers the stainless steel platter.

+ The range includes a small 7-drawer under-bench cabinet at a very attractive price.

+ A good working height is to be observed on the workshop at 95 cm high.

+ The drawers of the low units (except mini roller cabinet) have a more standard size allowing to put larger modules, such as the KS Tools modules

+ The C45 is workshop furniture that is quick and easy to assemble.

YouTube Preview Image

- A shallower tray than its competitors,

- No adjustable feet.

Conclusion :

We already know this product quite well, which in addition to our installation in the showroom, has been sold to many customers since September 2019 in the industrial, car and motorcycle fields. The feedback from our customers is very positive.

Price positioning was the first trigger for sales, and led to great success at Its potential is therefore enormous for 2020!

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