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Special file: aluminum jack

With the recent arrival of the new aluminum jack model at KS Tools, Millmatpro had to present the beast to you in as much detail as possible. What could be better than comparing it with its predecessor?

Let's start first with its radically reworked silhouette with a direct lowering that allows the floor jack to be placed further under the vehicle to be lifted and under even lower cars.

The more squat grille than the original is enriched with two wide nylon wheels mounted on a robust axle for permanent ground clearance and balance. The lifting plate is now square, again to optimize the stability of the device. Note its chrome finish look, still more racy than its rival.

At the rear, the new model of aluminum jack still benefits from swivel wheels, but this time in extra resistant nylon to avoid damaging the floors and reduce noise.

The new model of extra low aluminum jack has kept the advantages of the previous one with the lifting technology with double piston hydraulic pump which allows a quick and safe lifting. Even better, larger diameter pistons now give it more power and increase its lifting capacity from 1.5 T to 2 T.

Obviously, there are many nods to the past, especially with its extra long lever and foam protection to prevent scratches on the bodywork. Security is however increased with a screwing system of the lever which avoids any untimely unhooking. Also, the new model of extra low aluminum jack still benefits from carrying handles, smaller of course, but still just as useful.

Above all, even after these various optimizations, the aluminum jack retains its initial weight of 20 kg.

Finally, the 2 T extra low aluminum jack adds a significant extra to its list: the integrated stainless steel cup, practical for removing nuts.


Technical sheet of the new 2T extra low aluminum jack:

Power: 2T
Engine: twin piston
Chassis: 630mm
Dimensions: min 85 mm, max 470 mm
Tyre: Ultra-resistant Nylon
Weight: 20 Kgs
Budget: €249 incl. tax (novelty promo price)


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