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The induction heat gun presents the innovation of the year with this induction unlocking set. A real alternative to torches and open flame torches, this heat gun offers an efficient, fast and practical solution! Indeed, this multi-use tool will find its place in a garage or in industry. The principle: you can heat up a nut in less than a minute while limiting the risks unlike flame tools!

The aim: the heating is localised and precise and thus allows the unlocking of screws, nuts, bolts, cardan nuts, connecting rods, hubs, even the most rusty ones, lambda sensor, ball bearing, ball joint, injectors, glow plugs, clamps or exhaust pipe, to remove stickers, to dismantle glued door strips!


The induction heat gun allows efficient working without damaging the environment, heating metal parts up to 780° red, ideal for separating rusty or seized connections. The heat gun is also suitable for connections that appear to be inseparable.

Composition of the 4-piece set:

  • 1 induction gun
  • 2 induction rods diameter 19 and 22 mm for 170 mm long
  • 1 semi-rigid induction cable
  • 1 semi-rigid deformable induction cable 800 mm long for universal use

Find the KS Tools induction heat gun at the special technical selection price of 777.77 € TTC instead of 1510.80 € on

For more information, come and see it in our shop. We are at your disposal in our showroom in Perreux 42120 for a demonstration.

Also available as an option from 34.00 € TTC, find a 800mm flexible cable, coils and springs from 15 to 45mm in two lengths 220 mm or 330 mm, but also a set of induction pads ideal for stickers and to preserve paint.

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