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20 years already!

Millmatpro is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! This is the opportunity to look back on the history of this company which has been evolving and growing since 1990, to the pride of its entire team:

  • In February 1990, Philippe and Françoise Bernard created their small business selling tools and workshop equipment. Philippe travels to professional customers, mainly in the Roanne and Stéphannoise regions, in a shop truck. Françoise, on the other hand, does the invoicing and bookkeeping in one of the rooms in their home in Neulise
  • .[The development of their business allowed them to invest in more appropriate premises with a storage depot and offices in Neulise in 1999.
  • In 2003 and 2004, Émilie and Rémi, the children of the Bernard family, joined the adventure, initially as apprentices.
  • With the aim of increasing profitability and developing his turnover, in 2006 Philippe Bernard gave up his shop truck to make way for a company car. The stock is smaller, and the possibilities are much wider with the new catalogues offered to customers.
  • The children want to see Millmatpro evolve in the future, in April 2007, is born on the net! The site starts slowly with the creation of about 500 references, until today when almost 10 000 references are proposed to professional and private customers!
  • Given the rise of the website, the family wanted to go further and take on a new challenge, to open a shop in a commercial area near Roanne. In June 2009, the Millmatpro shop opened its doors to the public, allowing customers to meet the entire team in a friendly and professional environment. The showroom of 100 m² allows today to present the best Millmatpro products to the greatest number of people.

During these 20 years, it is above all a common passion that was present in the family and that was felt throughout the development of the company, a passion for motor sport. Today he is the symbol of the company with his little driver's paw. And if he is the one blowing out the candles today, it is not by chance!

Thanks to Simon Caruso, for the new logo that will accompany us throughout this twentieth year and for the window decoration.

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